Tally's mission is not only to be the simplest way to create forms, but we pledge to make our forms accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Forms can be visually and cognitively complex and challenging to use. Recently we've put more effort into improving the accessibility of our forms, and we will continuously focus on making progress in this regard. As our form builder keeps evolving, so will our journey on making it accessible to everyone. We're just getting started and these are the first steps we took:

1. WCAG form guidelines

We're following the WCAG form guidelines while developing new product features. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) cover a wide range of recommendations for making digital products like Tally more accessible. Why is this important?

  • People with cognitive disabilities can better understand the form and how to complete it, as making forms accessible improves the layout structure, instructions, and feedback.
  • People using speech input can use the labels via voice commands
  • People with limited dexterity benefit from large clickable areas that include the labels, especially for smaller controls, such as radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • People using screen readers can identify and understand form controls more easily because they are associated with labels, and other structural elements.

2. Accessible for Japanese, Chinese and Korean language

We're happy to announce that Tally's form builder is now also accessible for Japanese, Chinese and Korean IME users. An IME (Input Method Editor) is useful if you are using a language that has different characters from those of the Latin alphabet, and is a crucial component if your main language online is Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK). It allows users to choose from more characters than natively available on their devices. This because there are thousands of possible character combinations in CJK.

With a little help from our friends

We're just getting started and your feedback is crucial. Please reach out with your suggestions on how we can make Tally more accessible via hello@tally.so, join us on Slack or tweet @TallyForms.