Besides embedding your Tally forms on Notion pages, you can also send your form responses straight to your Notion databases.

Sync Tally form responses to Notion

Our Notion integration supports syncing form responses to page properties, (used for capturing structured information such as a date, category, URL, or email) and page content (used for longer pieces of text).

Can't wait to get started? Here are some examples of how to use our Tally-Notion integration.

How it works

In your Tally dashboard go to the Integrations tab of your published form → connect to Notion.

Click Log in to Notion and in the resulting authentication menu, you’ll be asked to allow access to your workspace.

Integrations are workspace-specific! Click the workspace name at the top right to switch to another workspace if needed. Then, press Select pages.

Now, you'll see a list of all of the pages in the selected workspace. Choose the pages you would like the integration to be able to access, and then press Allow access.

You will also be able to add and remove the integration from your pages later from within Notion. Find the instructions here.

Next, select a database. If you don't see your database in the dropdown you need to share the page with the Tally integration via Notion's Share menu.

Map your Tally form fields to your Notion properties. You can even map file uploads to a Notion Files & Media property.

Insert longer copy into the Page content block. Simply type anything you'd like to add, format text by selecting it, and insert responses by typing @.

Switch on the toggle if you wish to sync existing responses from your form to Notion. Exporting previously submitted responses can take a while, especially when there's a lot. Please keep the browser tab open while the responses sync with your Notion database. Open Notion to see the progress as the responses are synced.

Click Connect with Notion, and you're good to go! Your form responses will now get synced to your Notion database.

Open a row as a page to see the feature description in the page content.

Did you know?

Besides syncing form responses to Notion, you can also embed a Tally form on a Notion page. Read more about it here.