Want to close your forms on a certain date, limit form responses or lead respondents to another web page after submitting? Looking for a way to get notified of new form submissions or to remove Tally branding? Form settings now allows you to:

Close your forms
Redirect on completion
Response email notifications
Remove Tally branding

You can find your form settings in the 'Settings' tab of your published form.

Close your Tally forms

Want to close your forms after the first 50 submissions or on a certain date?
Form settings let's you:

  • Close your form manually for new responses
  • Close your form on a scheduled date
  • Limit the number of responses

When you close your form, you can also customize the closed message for your respondents to see. You can edit the title and description text of your closed screen message. Here’s an example of a custom closed message screen:

Closing your forms, as well as adding a custom closed message is available for free to all Tally users.

Redirect on completion

Want to take your respondents to a web page of your choice (e.g. to your website or a calendar tool) once they filled in your form? You can easily set it up using our redirect on completion feature.

When you activate 'Redirect on completion' a new web address  of you choice wil load once the submit button is clicked at the end of your form. Respondents will not see (custom) Thank You pages when you redirect them after form submission.

Redirecting on completion is available for free to all Tally users.

Response email notifications

Get notified of new form submissions by enabling email notifications. An email will be sent to the form creator every time someone submits your form.

Response email notifications are available for free to all Tally users. Respondent email notifications are coming soon.

Remove Tally branding

Looking for a way to create forms that fit your brand seamlessly? Tally Pro users can hide the "powered by Tally" badge in the footer of your form and on your Thank You page.