Templates are an easy way to get started with Tally. If you're building a form and you don't want to start from scratch, you can select one of our ready-made templates from our collection. Browse through our template gallery, pick a template and customise it to your needs.

How to find and use templates

  • You can choose 'Templates' whenever you create a new form
  • If you are logged in you will find our templates in the sidebar of your dashboard

Both of these options will lead you to our template gallery, categorized by type of form.

  • Creators: Online orders and payments, registrations or contact forms
  • Product: User feedback, research or churn surveys
  • Marketing: Customer satisfaction, lead generation or event registration forms
  • Human Resources: Employee engagement, applications, on- or off-boarding forms
  • Office: Activity planning, food orders or office organisation
  • Personal: Travel planning, parties or quizzes

When you are logged in you can also filter on templates made by you or your team.

Open a template to preview and play around with it. Click 'use this template' to use a template to build your form.

Instructions can be included in callout boxes or plain text. You can easily delete instructions like you would with any other type of content block.


Can I create or share my own template?
Yes! Read more about it here.

Can I request a template?
Yes! We'd love to hear your template suggestions. Tweet them to @TallyForms or send an email to hello@tally.so