How many forms can I make for free?

You can create unlimited forms with Tally and collect unlimited responses for free.

Can respondents stop and resume answering at a later point?

When a respondent resumes answering a Tally form in the same browser, the previous answers will be saved, and the respondent can continue with completing the form.

Do you support partial submissions?

We don't support partial submissions yet, answers will only be available in your form results when the respondent submits the form.

Do you support radio buttons?

Our Multiple-choice option only allows 1 response by default and offers the same user experience as a radio button.

Do hidden fields also work when I embed my form?

Yes, they do!

How do I track conversions with Tally?

The best way to track conversions with Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager is to redirect your respondent after completing a form to another page where you have implemented the pixel.

What are the ideal image dimensions?

  • The cover image changes aspect ratio as you change your window width. We recommend cover images at least 1500 pixels wide, but the shape will change with your window. Β 
  • Logo: a square image of 200 x 200 pixels
  • Images within the survey are shown full width from 700 pixels wide. We recommend a width of 1400 pixels for better resolution.

Can I use custom fonts in my Tally form?

It is possible to change the font and add other styles or scripts using our Custom domains feature (only available to Tally Pro users).

Is Tally GDPR compliant?

Tally is based in Belgium (EU) and complies with the GDPR framework. We've bundled all frequently asked questions about GDPR & Tally and how to create a GDPR compliant form here.

Tally Pro

How many custom domains can I connect?

You can connect an unlimited number of domains to your Tally Pro account.

How many users can I invite to my organization?

There's no limit on the number of users you can invite to your organization.

Where can I find my billing data?

Click the 'Tally Pro' badge in the side panel on your Tally dashboard to manage your subscription.

Account settings

How do I change my password?

We don't have account settings yet where you can change your password, however, you can use the "Forgot password" flow to do so. Log out of your Tally account and go to the login page. Enter your email and a wrong password, and the "Forgot password" link will appear. Click "Forgot password" Β and follow the steps to change your password.