Here's everything you need to start building forms with Tally.

Tally is a new type of form building tool that works like a text document. Just start typing as you would in a text document, and build your form by inserting form blocks. You don't even need an account to get started, let's go!

Build a form from scratch

Head over to and the form builder will appear. You can create a form from scratch or use one of our pre-made templates.

Press enter to start with an empty form. Just start typing and give your form a title. Use ↓ to navigate to the next line.

1. Adding form blocks

Tap + to open a list of content types or use the shortcut '/'. Use ↓↑ to navigate through the list or use the search bar, and press 'enter' to add any form block.

There are three different types of form blocks you can add to a Tally form.

  1. Questions: pre-made combinations of a question (text field) with an input block (answer fields)
  2. Input blocks: all answer fields available (for example short text, multiple choice, checkboxes, payments, linear scale etc.)
  3. Layout blocks: you can freely insert text, titles, images, a new page, or answer labels

2. Adjust block settings

When you hover over input blocks you will get to see these four icons in the left margin:

  • + : Use it to open a list of form blocks to insert in your form. Also appears via the shortcut  '/'  
  • â ¿: Use this to drag your form blocks to another place in your form
  • 🗑 : Use this to delete a block
  • ⚙️ : Use this to adjust the input block settings. For example: making a field required, add minimum or maximum numbers, add images to multiple choice fields or adjust the amount of a payment form.

3. Adding new pages

If you wish to create a form that consists out of multiple pages, you can add a new page via the shortcut in the header menu or the '+' button.  You can also create a custom thank you page by using the toggle on top of your last page. A standard thank you page will be provided by Tally if you wish not to create your own.

4. Customisation options

Make your form seamlessly fit your brand by customising the design to your needs.

  • Logo: Upload your logo in a square shape.
  • Cover image: Upload your own cover image, add it by URL or choose a stock picture from Unsplash. Alternatively simply choose a background colour from our presets.
  • Text formatting: select text to format and style it.
  • Submit buttons: edit the copy of your submit buttons by clicking the settings wheel next to it

4. Preview and publish

Use the preview button in the header menu to preview your form and publish your form and share it with your audience. After publishing your form you will receive the sharing link.