Looking for a simple and (a very) budget-friendly way to organize a fundraiser, Kickstarter, or donation campaign? Collect payments and display donations in 3 simple steps with Tally and Notion.

Step 1: Create a Notion page

Duplicate this fundraiser Notion template and customize to your fundraiser.

Step 2: Create a payment form and embed

Use this form payment template or create your own.

Configure the price of the payment form by choosing the input field Enter your donation ($) from the dropdown menu, and connect with Stripe.

Publish your form and embed it on your Notion page by simply pasting the form embed link, which you will find in the Share tab of your published form. Create an embed and adjust the size by dragging the model.

Step 3: Connect Tally to Notion

To display your form submissions (and donations) on your Notion page you need to connect your Tally form to your Notion database. Follow these steps to set up the integration.

Once connected, the responses and payments from your payment form will sync straight into your Notion database.

Tip! Host your Notion page on a custom domain with Super.