If you're running a business one thing is for sure: at some point in your journey you will need an online form. Whether you'll need to collect contact information from leads, feedback from customers or payments from subscribers, you'll be looking for a form builder tool that best suits the needs of your business or startup.

But where to begin? With so many form builders to choose from, we compared the best free form builders out there, based on:

  • The free plan: what do you actually get for free?
  • Usability: is it easy-to-use, flexible and accessible without coding skills?
  • Feature-richness: which features and third-party integrations are free?
  • Customizability: is it possible to make your forms match your brand?
  • Customer support: how responsive is the support team?

TLDR? Here are our top picks:

  1. Tally – The simplest way to create forms for free. A Notion-like form editor with unlimited forms, responses and powerful features included for free.
  2. Jotform – The most integrations with third-party apps and biggest selection of templates.
  3. Typeform – Helps people collect information in a conversational way.



Let's start with the most important question: are these form builders really free?

Well, yes and no. Google Forms and Tally are the only form builders in the market that offer unlimited responses, forms, questions and views completely for free, without limits.

Free plan Submissions Forms Questions Form views
Google Forms
Typeform 10/month 10/form
Jotform 100/month 5/month 1000/month

Jotform and Typeform offer a limited amount of submissions, forms, questions, or form views for free.


A form builder needs to be easy-to-use, flexible, and accessible without coding skills. We lined up 4 parameters that judge the usability of free form builders:

1. Interface

JotForm, Typeform, and Google Forms have a traditional drag-and-drop interface, where you select fields in the side panel and drag them into your forms.

Tally is a new type of form builder that works like a text document (similar to tools like Notion). You can just start typing and insert any type of block by using shortcuts. Everything is bundled in one simple command, which makes the form-building intuitive and user-friendly.

2. Templates

Jotform offers the largest selection of form templates available online, categorizes per type or industry. Tally, Google Forms, and Jotform also allow you to create and publish your own templates.

3. Flexibility

Typeform is known for their conversational interface, where respondents need to answer 1 question per page. Other form builders allow you to create any type of form, with or without multiple pages, and without being restricted to the format of a single question per page.

4. No code

You don't need any coding skills to create forms and automate workflows with the 4 form builders mentioned in this post.

Usability Interface Templates No-code Multi page forms
Tally Text editor 80
Google Forms Drag & drop 17
Typeform Drag & drop 600 1 question/page
Jotform Drag & drop 10.000

Feature richness

Depending on your needs, you will be looking for different form building features, and integrations.

1. Free features

This is an overview of the form building features that are included in the free tiers (not trials but actual free plans).  If you don't find the feature you're looking for, it might be included in the paid plans, which you can find on the pricing page of every form builders' website.

Free features Tally Typeform Jotform Google Forms
Embed forms
Close forms ❌ ($100)
Storage 10MB/file ❌ ($30) 100 MB 10 MB/form
Conditional logic ❌ ($30)
Accept payments 5% commission ❌ ($30) 10 submissions
Answer piping
Hidden fields
Custom Thank You screens ❌ ($30)
Multiple language support
Redirect on completion ❌ ($60)
Self email notifications
Embed anything Only video Only video

2. Free integrations

Collecting data with an online form is only the beginning of most use cases. Third-party integrations are important when you want to connect your forms to other productivity tools in order to automate workflows or sync form data.

Free integrations Tally Typeform Jotform Google Forms
Airtable ❌ ($30)


In a business context you want your form to seamlessly fit the look & feel of your brand. Think of adding your logo, colors, font, or even customizing your form URL.

Free customization Tally Typeform Jotform Google Forms
Cover image
Colors & font Coming soon
Custom domain ❌ ($29) ❌ (Enterprise)
Custom end screen ❌ ($30)
Remove form branding ❌ ($29) ❌ ($60) ❌ ($29)

Customer Support

When building complex forms, you want to be sure that you can get the help you need, when you need it. This is where Tally stands out. Unlike the big players like Google, Jotform and Typeform, Tally is an independent and self-funded team with a laser focus on customer support.

This article is written by Tally, the simplest way to create forms for free.Feel free to take Tally for a spin, you don't even need an account to try it out.

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